As part of our drive to unite SMEs and Micro businesses with technology that can really help, Black Dog HR Consultancy has entered into a Channel Partnership with Dinamiks - a web-based employee Performance Appraisal System.

A good appraisal system can bring a number of benefits to your business -

  • It can encourage staff to focus on their own contribution to company goals, can get staff more engaged in the direction of the business which can in turn have an effect on their productivity;
  • Information on the business goals and the objectives for the area of the business that the employee is working in, helps to focus the performance of teams. As targets and objectives are given, performance tends to increase and becomes more focused on achieving the targets set;
  • An increase of communication relating to the strategic parts of the  business  and  more information being fed back to the business from the employees, helps to ensure that energies are more focused.
  • A good system focusing on your business direction, and which is put to work throughout the year, can actually make the process far more efficient.  It can do this by maintaining the relevance of an individual's objectives, spread any workload out throughout the year (and avoid the day-before scour through emails etc) and it can help you better direct and develop the skills of your best asset - your staff!

Having looked at what was available we struck up our partnership with Dinamiks Ltd, since it ticked a number of the boxes of  what we were looking for and promoted  a holistic approach to the monitoring of performance and to staff development.

By encouraging company goals, values, competencies and personal objectives to be in line with each other as part of the set-up, employees are reassured of their relevance to the business and can know they are contributing to something specific.

The system encourages interim reviews throughout the annual appraisal cycle, objectives can also be reviewed and amended to maintain their relevance and reflect any changes, and as the system is web-based it is easy for employees to access and to update their record quickly and easily when they hit key milestones.

Other advantages are that:

  • as a web-based system IT overheads are minimal as the only requirement is a working internet connection,
  • the system itself is very intuitive and easy to navigate, with in-built wizards and tutorials to support the user,
  • it clearly relates to a paper appraisal form which those with some appraisal experience may find reassuring.
  • your company's logo can be added to the system, as well details and instructions being tailored to your needs, and the quick set-up and minimal administration makes it user friendly for all involved.

Cost is always a key factor when making a decision to invest in systems such as Dinamiks, and we believe this is another advantage to the system.  Once set-up is complete there is one annual per employee cost and no others.  Timescales for implementation are dependent upon each circumstance but with simple administration once up and running you're away!

If you would like more information about Dinamiks and would like to discuss how it may work with your company then do contact any of the team and we'll be happy to arrange a no obligation meeting with you.


Web:  www.dinamiks.com

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