Black Dog HR Consultancy Ltd can be on-hand to provide legal and HR advice during this difficult period.

If there are changes to be made in the way in which your business operates, or there is a reduction in your levels of business, you may find that jobs are at risk of redundancy. When this happens we can advise you on the options to consider that may avoid a redundancy situation.

If there is no alternative but to consider redundancy, then we can advise you on the correct procedures to follow to avoid an Employment Tribunal.

We will assist you throughout the consultation period advising and assisting you on the stages involved during the process such as criteria for the selection matrix, timescales for consultations (depending upon the number of potential redundancies), notice periods, and payments.  We can also work with you to ensure appropriate records are kept of the process and all documentation, such as letters from each stage, are completed and distributed as required.

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