Mission Statement

We aim to offer a personal HR service, allowing our clients to experience the benefits that would be achieved from a Helpline service, with the additional advantages from having localised HR support.

We can also act as an additional resource, providing supplementary skills and services to an existing HR Department.

Black Dog HR Consultancy Ltd is committed to excellence in all our services.

Why Use Black Dog HR?

Outsource your HR support to Black Dog for a cost-effective solution to your Human Resources requirements

If you’re a small to medium sized company and do not find it financially viable to employ your own full time HR support, you will still need to ensure that your policies and procedures comply with current employment legislation.  We can give you the HR support that you need.

We can also provide assistance to companies with an existing HR department that need to manage exceptional projects such as redundancy, recruitment, change within the business, disciplinary proceedings and staff relocation.

At Black Dog HR we understand that every organisation is unique so it is important for us to take the time to understand the workings of your organisation, before providing you with the necessary advice to allow you to make informed decisions.

We take a pro-active approach to our work to avoid potential issues, helping you deal with all aspects relating to the employment of your staff and help you plan in advance to comply with upcoming employment legislative changes.

Our Reliable HR Advice

  • Takes away your employment worries and uncertainties
  • Frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best

Cost effective

You will only be invoiced for work that is agreed and completed, on either a piece by piece basis or on a more cost effective retained business basis. The choice is yours.

Contact one of our HR Consultants to find out more: Tel: 01280 817341  E.mail: info@blackdoghr.co.uk