Employment Contracts & Employee Handbooks | Advice and Support

We offer a bespoke employment contract and writing service which covers all main employment types including permanent, fixed term, part-time, zero hours and Apprentices.  We also offer advice and support for the production of employee handbooks.

The Employment Rights Act 1996 requires employers to provide employees, within two calendar months of starting work, with a written Statement of the main Terms of the contract of employment, which can minimise later disagreements.

Whether your employee is permanent, on a fixed term contract, works part time or term-time, we can provide you with a variety of bespoke Contracts of Employment.

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Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook provides details of all additional employment policies and procedures and supplements the terms contained within the Terms and Conditions of Employment.

A bespoke Employee Handbook will enable you to plan it's contents by adding sections which you feel are applicable to your business and industry sector and by removing sections that may be inappropriate.  The process will raise questions on the direction that your business wishes to take on employment policies and procedures and guidance will be given by Black Dog HR Consultancy Ltd in these areas.

The Handbook produced will ensure that all staff in your business have a clear understanding of the employment policies and procedures and provide a comprehensive source of information for your employees.

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