Cloud based Services - Black Dog HR has been actively looking at ways we can make the most of technology.

Although using computer technology to bring together company and staffing information has been recognised by large organisations as a good way of keeping track of nearly everything in their business, the options for SMEs and Micro businesses have been limited.  Products which are all singing and dancing are great, but if the majority of functionality will go unused they can instead become expensive ornaments, clogging up your servers with large memories, requiring large set-up costs and maintenance which add yet more cost but provide a very restricted return.  Instead company's who couldn't make such large up-front investments have instead lost-out on an opportunity to improve efficiency and benefit from the technical developments that bigger companies have enjoyed for many years.

With this in mind Black Dog HR has actively been searching for products that might fill this niche for SMEs and Micro Businesses.  We've been specifically looking for cloud based systems which can be cost-effective with minimal IT overheads, for systems that are simple and intuitive to use so won't require excessive staff training, and for ones that can adapt and grow with your business ensuring any investment is with a longer term view.

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Dinamiks - Web-based Performance Management System