Introducing the Black Dog HR Wheel

Happy New Year and welcome to the Black Dog HR Blog.   

We have started this blog as a way of Black Dog HR engaging more with our visitors on HR topics and hope that its contents are useful and thought-provoking, as well as humorous and demonstrating how many areas  HR can help with.

For our first blog we would like to introduce to you our HR Wheel – a concept we hope will demonstrate how wide-ranging and varied HR can be.  The HR wheel is, however, more than a visual aid.  It’s also a tool we can and do use with clients to help them identify areas for improvement and the areas where they are already at the level they need to be.The Black Dog HR Wheel - A key tool in helping us identify where support may be needed.

The Black Dog HR Wheel – A key tool in helping us identify where support may be needed.

So, how can it work for you? 

Look at all the areas on the wheel and ask yourself –  are these areas that  you have  already covered? If so, rate your provision out of 10.  The next step is to consider where the gaps are?

For most business owners, directors and senior management, HR responsibilities are not their forte and for some it’s a necessary evil.  While you may have been supported in the past and are still able to put those good practices to use, with legislation and best practice constantly evolving you can often miss the obvious gaps because you weren’t ever trained to notice them.

Through using the wheel we are able to demonstrate where the gaps might be and highlight how big, or little, they are.  The goal is to get all organisations up to 10/10 on all sections of the wheel and businesses will have a much smoother business journey.

Contact us if you want a go?