Other cloud-based services

As part of our drive to unite SMEs and Micro businesses with technology that can really help, Black Dog HR Consultancy Ltd , offer the ability to store your employee details and documentation for remote access. 

Black Dog HR Consultancy Ltd is able to work with you to:

  • Administer your HR system and help you use your employee information better.
  • It will allow us both to view up-to-date employee details and enable us to ensure our advice is specific.
  • Employment documentation can be hosted centrally and up-dated real time, as legislation changes.
  • Time-savings can be achieved on smaller tasks such as annual leave booking, recording of sickness absence and changing an employee's address, by employees themselves on a self service system.

By working with Black Dog HR we can:

  • Take more pro-active steps to managing your employee information and help you easily keep their personnel records fully up to date.
  • Report more effectively on members of staff within your business and help you maximise their potential, to assist in achieving business goals and development.  Reports regarding absence, working hours, salary comparisons and much more are all a few clicks away as information is shared between the modules.
  • Easily share documentation with your managers using the facility to save documents alongside employee records.
  • Enable your employees to access information that is relevant to them and to submit requests for leave via the self-service portal.  Black Dog HR can help you manage this facility, enabling employees to have access to employment policies and procedures, along with their own employment contract and job descriptions, all within easy reach.

We can offer a cost effective option for many businesses of varying sizes, and the company's experience with clients large and small demonstrate how scalable a solution can be.

Costs are on a per user basis and are dependent upon the number of modules you require.  We believe the pricing fairly reflects a balance of minimal resources with maximum security and the benefits of big-business technology for smaller organisations.

Electronic systems can provide a number of advantages to businesses:

  • As a web-based system IT overheads are minimal, with fully certified security for all confidential information.  Employee can access your system from anywhere in the world where they have an internet connection.
  • We can offer a cost-effective and scalable solution for SMEs and Micro businesses - you only pay for the modules you want/need.  This means you know that it can expand with you as your company grows but you don't need to pay for months or years in advance.
  • Information updated in one place can automatically be updated in another. This reduces the need to re-input the same data numerous times, also reducing the potential for errors, and means all users can interact with up-to-the-minute information and make fully informed judgments at any time.
  • With a range of user-levels and security privileges anyone in the company can be given access to the system, but not everyone can see everything. So documentation, such as an Employee Handbook, can be placed within easy reach but other documents, like salary reports, are hidden away from employees.
  • Set-up on the system is relatively quick and easy.  Without the requirements for major IT infrastructure you don't have to rely on numerous third parties to deliver your supplies.  Obviously time-scales will depend upon how much information needs to be loaded into the system, how much you have ready to go, and which modules you will be using.  But all of this will be built into an implementation plan.

If you would like more information about how we can support your staff and employment needs using a cloud-based system  do contact any of the Black Dog HR Team and we'll be happy to arrange a no obligation meeting and demonstration with you.